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Shari at the San Diego Zoo

Shari feeding giraffe mouth to mouth.

Shari following a rhino in Kenya

The Photographer

Shari Meyr has seen her life-long love of animals become her focal point. Born and raised in San Diego, California, she learned photography in her teens through the New York Institute of Photography and shooting countless rolls of film at San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. She has always sought out opportunities to observe wildlife and educate herself about the animal kingdom. With a degree in science but having studied photojournalism, dramatic arts, marine mammal behavior and veterinary technology, her work experience has run the gamut: show business, airfield management, horse trainer/riding instructor, zookeeper, tour guide, webmaster, photographer, safari director and journalist. She has photographed subjects as varied as Olympic horse trials, rodeos, circus performers, crocodiles in the Outback, hunting dogs, zoo animals, theme parks, Florida birds, cruise ships, island wildlife, and of course Africa. She has traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, Australia and East Africa. Her gorilla photographs have won many awards. She has sold her work to wildlife organizations, zoos and individuals around the world.

Her unbridled enthusiasm for safari life led her to develop her "Wild Ambition" photo safaris and in-the-field workshops, which offer features unavailable elsewhere.

Shari currently resides at Spruce Creek Fly-In Community in Port Orange (Daytona Beach area) FL. She does presentations and workshops on the following topics:
She was a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and is available for assignments on a work-for-hire basis. In the works: The book, "Primate Projections: Capturing the Wild," a collection of Shari's many years of work as a photographer and journalist.

Shari with Ol' Morani at Sweetwaters Reserve

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